One of the most gifted composers I have ever heard. Paul's music touches me so deeply, I have never heard anything quite like it and believe me, I have heard everything.

B. Riley
Dallas, TX

We heard him at an art show in Lincoln Center. Curious, my wife and I listened for hours to Paul's spectacular music. We asked him why isn't he playing here in Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall, his response was surprisingly blunt: "They don't respect my kind of music", he said. "There is no category for my kind of work and the people who control the music world simply don't understand what I am doing," We were flabbergasted! We purchased a set of his albums and listened to them almost every day.

A year later we saw Paul again at the same art show where he introduced his newest albums to us. We purchased them, including "EARTH" for violin and orchestra. Later when we read the program notes, we simply couldn't believe that one individual could make all this music "happen" at one time. He played both the violin, the orchestra, and even the flute all in one sitting on his keyboards, yet to us it sounded like a symphony hall. Paul, please show this letter to anyone, anytime, you are one of the world's musical treasures and your work will live on forever. We believe in you and send you all our love and gratitude. Thank you.

R. Goldman
New York, NY

As a teacher I play Paul's music every time I set the students free to work independently or in small groups. The students stay focused longer, work better together and create higher quality work.

A.R. Fitzpatrick
Tacoma, WA

I played the CD 'Oceans' in the delivery room during the birth of my son. The whole room was quiet except for the doctor waited for our heartbeats to become one before cutting the umbilical cord. One of the greatest experiences in the world, thank you so much.

S. Engrave
Folsom, CA

As a teacher I used the music with my students - at first they were unreceptive, but in a short time they began to ask for Paul's music by name. what a gift we can give our youth in such a time of turmoil and challenges.

V. Greener
Tempe, AZ

This music has played a major part in my life as a parent and childcare provider. My son, who is almost seven, has grown up listening to Paul's music every day, as do the children in my childcare-they love it, and so do I.

C. Ferguson
Gait, CA

I purchased a CD by Mr. Warner about two years ago at the California State Fair. I've listened to it religiously every night since then. Out of well over one hundred CDs I own, Warner's has easily gotten the most play. Thank you!

M. Drennan
Elk Grove, CA

Marvelous, music so beautiful, it transcends time and space. This is the new classical music so far as I am concerned. Congratulations.

M. Garner
Cincinnati, OH

Nothing like anything I have experienced before. This IS Music. In the 90s when most music is banal and trite, Paul's music takes me to places I have never heard before, I soar . . .

A. Kaplan
New York, NY

Paul's music is truly a magical, moving, spiritual experience. His mastery of musical talent expresses at an amazing level of consciousness. His music will soothe your soul, lift your spirit, delight and warm your heart and move you at the deepest level.

P. Hower
Cardiff, CA

Very soothing! Relaxes the mind, and allows one to escape from a long, hard day at work. Excellent! I highly recommend it to anyone.. .very, very nice.

K. Donnelly
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I am a trainer for peer programs and I use the music of Mr. Warner constantly. My students now request his music as one of their favorites.

L. McClain
El Cajon, CA

I use Mr. Warner's music as a method of relaxation and stress relief every day in the car on my way home from work. I get a feeling of peace from his music, thank you.

D. Mcintyre
Rochester, NY

His music reaches inside my soul like no other. He is very special.

M. Post
University Place, WA

I am a massage therapist and use Paul Lloyd Warner’s music daily. They are relaxing not only for my patients but for me as well It provides the best atmosphere for relaxation and concentration I have found.

J. Woods, LMP
Dallas, TX

God bless you for creating something so special for everyone! Your music has brought the stress Level in our home way down, and with five children this realty helps!

K. Astle
Sacramento, CA

Paul's music is so very powerful and moving, it takes me places that no other music can. Keep up the great work, thank you Paul.

J. Moffat
Seattle, WA

He's the finest composer living in the world today. Period. Listen to his music and find out why.

S. Miller
Chicago, IL


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