Listen to RAPTURE, one of my compositions from ANTHOLOGY in its entirety.

This amazing composition is peaceful, harmonious, emotionally uplifting and profoundly relaxing.  The music is recorded in nature on San Juan Island in Washington State during a beautiful summer afternoon.

San Juan Island photograph by Robert Demar

San Juan Island Fog

I spent several weeks in the summer, camping out on San Juan Island, setting up my keyboards and recording equipment in various locations around the Island.  My piece, RAPTURE, was created overlooking Puget Sound near the waters where the Orcas live.


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Paul Lloyd Warner

Paul Lloyd Warner is a composer, pianist and a recording artist. He has released 38 albums in the genres of Contemporary Classical, Classical and New Age Healing Music. Paul is also a poet, author, a translator, photographer, graphic designer and webmaster.

Paul Lloyd Warner’s music is uplifting, inspirational and healing. In his catalog he includes works for solo piano, and instrumentals ranging from Symphonic Suites, to works for Violin and orchestra. His choral music is especially noteworthy as is his works for solo harp.

Many people are surprised to know that much of Paul’s music is recorded outdoors in nature. He has gone into the wilderness to scenic locations such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Zion, the Sonora Desert of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, the Great Northwest and the Pacific Coast from Washington State , through Oregon and all the way down the California Coast where he recorded in dozens of scenic locations.

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