AJ Goodwin

A.J. Goodwin is a co-producer of the Waterfall Music label.  His role is complex for he is a champion of Paul Lloyd Warner’s music and art.  At the same time, he is the chief spokesperson and coordinator of projects, large and small.

He is the world’s leading expert of Paul Lloyd Warner’s music and is able to name any track out of hundreds just by listening to the first few bars of music.  He is Paul Lloyd Warner’s archivist and is in charge of the magnificent artistic legacy that Paul is leaving to humanity.
This considerable legacy covers all of the music Paul has recorded, including 38 released albums and recordings in the archive.  Beyond this, Paul who is also a poet and author, has a library of original manuscripts. 

Arion Jay Goodwin specializes in multi-media and will supervise the world concert tours that are planned for 2019 and 2020.  The multiple screen process will surround the audience with spectacular images while Paul Lloyd Warner performs his classic and new compositions.

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